ecole Cardinal Leger SchoolÉcole Cardinal Leger School is very proud to be connected to the Holy Family Parish community. We are a dual stream school providing instruction for 440 students in English and French Immersion. We serve many large and diverse areas of Saskatoon: Silverspring, Sutherland, Forest Grove, Erindale, Arbor Creek, Willowgrove, College Park, Greystone, Grosvenor Park, Briarwood, and Stonebridge.

At Cardinal Leger, our mission is to be a welcoming community that nurtures faith, encourages excellence in learning, and inspires service. We live the gospel virtues, with these goals in mind, every day! Our staff of 45 teachers, service and support staff strive to model the life of Christ, focus on current best practice for instruction and assessment, and provide opportunities for our students to serve and make a difference in the world. Our CSCC (parent council) are actively involved in our Learning Improvement Plan and have supported our partnerships with the Sherbrooke Centre and Kinyambu Primary School in Kenya. We are thankful for our many blessings and believe it is our responsibility to help those in need.

Our school provides students with many opportunities to celebrate their gifts and talents. These activities include choir, glee club, recycling and computer club, cross country, soccer, track, volleyball, and basketball. CSCC activities which support learning include our Book Club, Guest Reader program, and Battle of the Books. As well, we begin each day with a school wide gospel virtue reflection and student led prayer. At École Cardinal Leger School, we consider ourselves a family and we are grateful for the opportunity to be in the Holy Family Parish community!

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