Mother Teresa Stations of the CrossThe students, families and staff of Mother Teresa School share important ideals central to our development as a learning community.  Mother Teresa, our patron, exemplified these ideals. Her life was a celebration of faith in God and Jesus Christ. As a Catholic school, we look to her example of faith as an important source of inspiration. The servant leadership that she has demonstrated shows us how caring for others gives life to our faith. We serve when we learn, when we play, when we pray, and whenever we are together as a school community. Our school mission statement is based on actions and words of Mother Teresa: “We are all Pencil’s in God’s Hands”. Like Mother Teresa, we are the hearts, hands, and voices of God.

Mother Teresa School serves the Silverspring and Evergreen communities with a population of over 400 students from K – 8. We offer faith filled instruction with a dedicated, caring, and compassionate staff. Staff and students seek spiritual growth in many ways:  through prayer, scripture study, liturgical celebrations, retreats and faith instruction.  We see and learn about God not only in religion class, but throughout every school day. We have a very strong partnership with our church. Andy and Jane Korvemaker, from the Cathedral of the Holy Family, make regular classroom visits and Father David leads us in school Masses.

At Mother Teresa School we work with parents to teach children how to build relationships based on a spirit of respect and concern for others. We strive to create a safe, positive, and respectful school environment with a sense of belonging for all. Students are taught to pursue academic excellence, based on their God-given talents.  At the same time, our staff members are dedicated to the successful development of the whole child.  We are committed to working with students and families to see all children reach their full potential. Intensive French and the Literacy Intervention Program are two examples of the innovative programming and academic support that we provide for our students.


We also have a multitude of other activities that make our school community such a great place. Every year our K-4 students participate in our Christmas Concert and our senior students perform an amazing dramatization of the Stations of the Cross. We also offer a full range of extra-curricular programming and many other exciting events such as Tiger Idol, a very popular school wide talent show. Our Catholic School Community Council is extremely supportive and they host several fundraisers and community building events including the Welcome Back Barbecue, the annual Family Bingo, and Movie Nights. Other initiatives such as Our Adopt-a-family Christmas Hamper program, Brazil Mission partnership, and the MS Read-a-thon are examples of how our school community is reaching out to transform the world.

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