St. Joseph High School is a Catholic high school serving  the grade 9 to 12 population of North East Saskatoon.  We are named after St. Joseph the Guardian and Worker, as such we are referred to as the Guardians.  Our school community reflects Christ-centred values and beliefs.  Our faith commitment is key in the complete development of the entire individual in mind, body and spirit.  Like our school division we strive to be, “Rooted in faith, Growing in Knowledge and Reaching out to Transform the World”.  As Guardians, it is our belief that we are here to preserve the Truth, protect the vulnerable and guard all that is good and noble.  Our motto, “Once a Guardian, always a Guardian,” reflects our belief that when we leave St. Joseph High School, we will still be a part of this great school community and what we learn here will always be a part of our lives and mission in the world.

Our school’s daily life is rooted in Teacher Guardian Group (TGG).  TGG is designed to build closer Christian relationships between groups of students and staff.  For the full four years of high school one or two staff members join in community with a cohort of students.  Together this Teacher Guardian group does a variety of activities from:  retreats, and liturgies, to academic planning and socializing. 

St. Joseph High School offers all areas of study as determined by the Ministry of Education.   A French bilingual stream is offered.  Integrated support programming serves all students with special needs.  Our English as an Alternate Language program aids exchange students and those new to Canada in mastering the English language.  Advanced placement is also offered in English, French, Math and Art.

We are very proud of our athletic and social extra-curricular activities.  Students are invited and encouraged to find an activity that fits their interests to enhance their connection to the school community and their education.

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